What is Easy Pay?

EasyPay is an invoicing solution specifically designed to handle challenges in collecting credit card payments by accommodation, travel and tourism service providers. EasyPay has partnered with many payment gateway providers in different countries to handle payments and integrated hotel systems such as hotel Property Management Systems, Online Travel Partners (, Expedia, Agoda etc.) Channel Managers and Web Booking Engines.

EasyPay partners can use our invoicing solution to simply generate and share invoices or online payment links with your guests to collect payments in advance for rooms, deposits or add on services. We can fully automate the invoicing process to above booking sources, once done every new booking from these booking sources will receive a payment invoice from EasyPay automatically.  Then guest can pay using the link and the accommodation provider directly receives money in their bank account.

How do you connect EasyPay?

EasyPay is a ready to use hospitality invoicing solution that can easily connect with any payment gateway to start receiving payments.

EasyPay connects with online travel agents (OTA’s), channel managers, property management systems (PMS’s) and web booking engines which makes it possible for Easypay to receive information from all the reservations coming to your hotel and EasyPay starts sending invoices and payment links automatically to guests to complete payments easily and you receive money directly into hotels account before guest arrive.

Hence, no more no-shows and payments are guaranteed in advance for rooms and any other services you want to offer.

Does EasyPay collect the guest credit card?

No, during the process at no point EasyPay will collect guest credit card or other sensitive guest information. EasyPay will redirect your guest to a fully secured payment gateway partner selected by you to complete the transaction.

EasyPay only work with payment gateway partners who are certified with bank level security (PCI DSS certified) EasyPay works just as a bridge between the accommodation provider and gateway partner to provide hospitality domain optimized invoicing solution.

Payment gateway partner provides you access to their secured web portal where they save details related to each transaction in which you will be able to access masked credit card details related to each transaction and will be able to generate necessary reports such as credit card transaction report, etc.

Can I use EasyPay to charge virtual credit cards?

Yes, this feature is available to use in certain countries based on the country your business is located. If payment gateway within your territory support this feature it will be available for you to use within EasyPay.

How EasyPay will know the correct amount to charge?

EasyPay is integrated with several booking sources such as Online Travel Agencies (, Expedia, Agoda, etc.), Property Management Systems, Channel Manager Systems and Web Booking Engines this way EasyPay can automatically fill the required data fields to generate an invoice for each reservation using the retrieved reservation details such as booked room type, payable amount, guest name, arrival/departure date, email address, mobile number, etc.

How EasyPay handles Non Refundable and Flexible reservations?

When booking sources are integrated to EasyPay, as a part of data retrieval EasyPay will retrieve the booking cancellation policy for each reservation based on weather a reservation is Non Refundable or Flexible.

EasyPay can define the payment rules based on your requirements. You can also decide to collect full amount for the reservation or just first night charges.

Can EasyPay provide daily credit card summary?

No, EasyPay does not collect or save guest credit card details at any point during the transaction. Credit card details are only collected by the payment gateway partner during the transaction, therefore, EasPay cannot provide reports or data related to guest credit cards details. However, you will receive an access to payment gateway partner’s secure portal where you will be able to generate reports related to credit card details.

Can EasyPay send pre-authorization links?

Yes, if payment gateway partner supports this function then EasyPay will be able to share pre-authorization link instead of a payment link. Then guest credit card will be pre-authorized (blocked) equal to the invoiced amount and property can capture the pre-authorized amount within 14 days. All these actions can be performed within EasyPay if user has the access to Capture the payment.

What are the reports provided by EasyPay?

Except credit card numbers all other related details to each transaction such as guest name, reservation confirmation number, transaction status are available within EasyPay and reports can be generated when required.

How will the hotel know when a payment is made?

Every-time when a payment is made EasyPay alerts to the hotel via email or as App notification.

  1. You and your colleagues will instantly receive a payment notification from EasyPay via email or as APP notification.
  2. Your guest will also receive a payment notification from EasyPay via email or SMS.
  3. Payment status will be updated within EasyPay dashboard instantly.
When will the collected amount be settled into a hotel account?

Payment settlement cycle could vary from one payment gateway to another. We will be able to let you know exact details based on the payment gateway provider you select to use. Generally the payment settlement cycle remains as T+2 (02 days after receiving payment success notification).

What happens if guest does not pay using the link sent?

EasyPay can set auto payment reminders based on the frequency decided by accommodation providers, such as once in 02 days or 03 days after the invoice has been sent. Guests will receive payment reminders via email/sms until the payment is completed. If payment is still not received you can mark those reservation in OTA as invalid credit card and release the booking to accept fresh bookings.

How does Reception and other departments know when a payment is made?

EasyPay send email and app alert notifications every-time when a payment status changed to success or failure. You can let us know which departments and staff should receive these payment updates and we can set this up for you. This way payment status updates are available to operational departments 24/7 without having to depend on other departments and their working hours.