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The ultimate online invoicing and payment processing solution, EasyPay allows you to send automated invoices and receive payments from all your guests, promptly and securely. Minimize operational challenges. Maximize business performance.

How EasyPay Works?

4 Simple steps to eliminate all your invoicing as well as payments related challenges, enhancing the customer experience and boosting revenue.

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Receive Booking from Any Source

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Automated Personalized Invoice Sent

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Guest Easily Makes Payment

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Receive Payment Effortlessly

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Let us do the heavy lifting, and you focus on all other integral aspects of your business.

Work Seamlessly With Various Booking Sources

Being the leading payment processing solution provider, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to ensuring you run your business smoothly, efficiently, and profitably.

Plug-in Illustration with logos in the background - Expedia, Booking.com, Opera, Siteminder, Agoda, Rategain, Hotels.com, Winhms
Logos - Expedia, Booking.com, Opera, Siteminder, Agoda, Rategain, Travelocity, Hotels.com, Winhms

Our robust software developed with high attention to detail allows you to work with an extensive range of booking sources, including Booking.com, Expedia, Agoda, Hotels.com, Opera, WinHMS, RateGain and Siteminder.

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Responsive and User-Friendly

Easily and effectively work on any device and platform, providing optimal and desirable user experience.
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Automated Invoice

Say goodbye to manually charging credit cards. Save time and increase efficiency by instantly sending automated invoices.
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Tax Ready Invoices

Simplify your invoicing process and ensure full compliance. EasyPay automatically applies the right tax amount to each invoice item and calculates the total, every time.
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Branded Templates

Customize the look and feel to make a lasting impression on your guests while staying true to your brand.
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Auto Payment Reminders

Avoid chasing customers and having awkward conversations. Let your customers know when they have unpaid invoices, automatically.
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Controlled User Access

Enhance security, minimize errors, and track user activity by assigning custom roles to each user.

What’s in it for you?

Frictionless Payment Processing

Avoid no-shows, minimize cancellation rate, take partial or full payments, and free yourself from manually charging credit cards. Craft the perfect digital guest experience by streamlining and automating the payment process.
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Risk Free Payments

Credit card charge-back and frauds if not managed can severely affect you. With our state of the art fraud detection and risk management tools you can safely conduct business with complete peace of mind.
Risk Free Payments Directly in your Account - Illustration of credit card and flow of money into a bank through security

Incremental Revenue

Simple payment options, seamless checkout procedure, regular automated reminders, an option of recurring transactions, freedom to upsell add-on services, and securely collect money in advance empowers you to increase not only each transaction size but also the frequency of transaction per customer, augmenting revenue.
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Freedom to Customize

We understand that each business is unique, and that is why we offer tailored and scalable solutions engineered to fit your individual needs. Whatever payment gateway you prefer, we can integrate with them. Plus, you can even customize the templates to match with your brand’s identity, content, logo and colors.
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Here’s what our happy and satisfied customers have to say…

“EasyPay is a remarkable tool that you can add to the interface of your PMS with payment link. It makes the process of invoicing easier, quicker and immaculately correct. Thus saving time to do other vital works.
Amit Kumar

Revenue & Reservations Manager

“It’s literally the best and most secure payment processing solution that has relieved us from manually payment processing, increasing efficiency and providing flexibility. Highly recommended!”

Sheena Joseph


“EasyPay has not only enhanced our guests’ experience but also automated the painful process of involving and payment processing. Plus, their team is amazing and facilitates all your enhancement reqests.”

Abhijith P.K

Revenue Manager

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